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Bl. P3A, parter, Bulevardul Dacia 99, Mioveni 115400, Romania


In 1953 was founded in Racoviţa "the Communal Library" which functions in a building that belongs to Bibi Dinica, an existing building located on Dacia Blvd, No.41. In 1960 through cash contribution and voluntary work of the residents in the village is built in Racoviţa where it will be moved the library which will have thousands of volumes of books, the library being in the top spot of the county library activities.

The library functioned in the building of the Cultural House until 1975. By the decree No. 703/1973 or "Decree amending the Decree nr.703" appeared in August 1974, the full-time jobs from the Communal Library, which were dissolved, and the communal librarians were remunerated through symbolic compensation. In this period are lost many books, so at a book collection of about 15,000 existing volumes in 1973 it reached in 1987 to a number of volumes of a figure of 6,390, which can be considered a catastrophe library. Moreover, the funds allocated for the purchase of books is reduced to insignificant numbers.

In 1989 the village was declared a city. Therefore the library became a city hall, leaded and served by a full-time salaried librarian. After several moves through various buildings, now the library works in the building P3A, ground floor, situated on Dacia Blvd. Currently the library has a total of 20,545 volumes and 1901 registered readers.

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