Dacia Romania

Dacia Romania


Str. Uzinei, 1, Mioveni, Arges, 115400, Mioveni 115400, Romania


DACIA, key player for Romania’s economy

Dacia, the first Romanian car manufacturer was established in 1966. In 1999 Renault France purchased 51% of the company capital in the privatisation process of state owned companies. Renault currently holds 99,45% of Dacia stocks. In the meantime Dacia in Mioveni is the biggest car assembly plant in the Renault Group and Romania is the second country of the Renault world, after France.

Dacia’s sales increased from 52.500 units in 2000 to nearly 350.000 in 2010. France and Germany are the two main export destinations with 110.000 and respectively 40.500 cars, followed by Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Dacia represented 2.7% of Romania’s GDP in 2010. On the Mioveni industrial site there are 3 important entities.

Renault invested in the Mioveni plant more than €1.5 billion in the period 2000-2010. But these investments made to enlarge and modernise the industrial system would not have been enough without a new and modern production system. Improvement in the industrial performance of the Dacia site was possible only after the introduction of the Renault Manufacturing System (SPR), a very modern one in the car industry worldwide.

The system, based on standardisation of the work benches, of methods and operations, essentially contributed to the increase of the productivity of Dacia factory, to improvement of the quality level, and of the working conditions. Ergonomics of the work benches and environmental parameters were ameliorated.

The Dacia plant in Mioveni is a success in many perspectives and it is keeping the EU standards up. The French – Romanian carmakers cooperation is a very good example of what is possible when you have a common language.

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