The huge wooden spoon from Mioveni

The huge wooden spoon from Mioveni


Muzeul Etnografic Constantin Nastase, Racovița 115400, Romania


The huge wooden spoon from Mioveni, holder of a record in the famous Guinness Book of Records, measures 17.79 meters long and 1.50 meters at the widest point (the length of the armhole). It was done in 14 days by Ion Rodos and his son, Gheorghe Rodos and it's a true work of art, decorated with traditional folk motifs and the Mioveni logo.

Ion Rodos is from Nucşoara, Arges county, and is known as "the man who learned the wood to fly".

The spoon was made of wood of two lime trees, the first 100 years old, with a diameter of 78 cm, used to make the lump, and the second tree was used for the spoon's tail.

The period of the project was 22.05 - 5.06.2013.

In order to reduce the risk of wood damage, the spoon was moved to the courtyard of the „Constantin I. Năstase” Ethnographic Museum.

There, the spoon was mounted on a specially constructed stand for it, with a roof.

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